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About Bryluen Botanicals

Welcome to Bryluen Botanicals, where nature's beauty meets sensory delight. Nestled in the serene coastal town of St Ives, Cornwall, our boutique offers an enchanting experience for those seeking the perfect candle and floral arrangements.

Immerse yourself in a world of fragrance as you explore our exquisite range of candles and flowers. Whether you're seeking the ideal scent for your home or looking to craft your own personalised candle, Bryluen Botanicals is your destination for sensory exploration.

Founder Victoria understands the importance of using natural ingredients in candle-making. That's why she has meticulously sourced only the finest essential oils and pure soy wax, ensuring luxurious candles with extended burn times and captivating scents, free from harmful toxins.

We extend a warm invitation to indulge your senses in the wonderful world of natural fragrances at Bryluen Botanicals. Thank you for stepping into our floral sanctuary. With love,
Victoria x

Victoria Bryluen Botanicals, St Ives Cornwall
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